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Designing a Space on paper is a challenge.

More so in bringing it to life just as intended. There is no greater pleasure than executing my designs, constantly pushing the limits of creation and imagination.
My work, whether residential, institutional or commercial, is mostly based on today’s notion of modernity, primarily seeking a balance between matter and light, two elements that keep evolving with time.

Knowing that a design should not emerge from only one style, one period or one century, I try to create spaces that are ultimately Timeless and dialogue with all.

I always combine colors and fabrics with audacity. A simple touch can bring a lot of strength into a design, an unwanted color here or interplay with light there.

But the most important part in my design process is always the individual. The resultant proportions, lines, materials and colors revolve around the person who inhabits the Space.

Years of experience have translated into an insight to manage a broad Spectrum of projects from design to planning from technological resources to costing and execution. The cohesion of all these elements achieves architecture excellence.

Design excellence stems from inventiveness, timelessness and a rigorous attention to details. At manal haddara, you will not only find this, but what also simply makes sense to your project.


The force of Interior Architecture is when it is based on a relationship between the Architecture and the User. In conformity with this philosophy, the process of designing a project begins with a site survey visit followed by a discussion with the client to ascertain the requirements and objectives of the space. Consequently, adequate design services will be proposed.

o Interior Architecture Zoning & Design
This scope of work achieves the congruous flow of functions in a space. We create, restore, or readapt the inside walls & structures of any interior to meet the functional and operational needs of occupants.

o Interior Design
The art of enhancing the interior of an existing space. We merge beauty and function in order to create a fantasy experience for clients. This scope focuses on providing an aesthetically pleasing interior using forms, light, colors, materials, and artwork.

o Landscape Concept Design
The landscape design we do tells the story of how the client lives. Being Pools, Terraces, or Gardens, we integrate them into our scope of work thus providing a comprehensive design scheme for the entire project. o Millwork & Furniture Design A Bespoke custom design element is present in all our interior design projects. When we customize a piece for your space, it will stand out and make people talk!

o Interior Design Execution & Supervision
We provide the service of executing all our Interior design projects. A team of professionals deliver high end finishing and meticulous detailing.